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5 Tips to Play Mount & Blade Warband Efficiently

Mount and Blade Warband is an open universe game with no specific end. You play as a character of the ancient continent of Calradia and fight your way to become either a king, or a leader, or a bandit or whatever you, wish to achieve. There can be many endings based on the choices you make. You move ahead to earn in-game currency and devise strategies to stay ahead of your competitors in the game. The game asks your preference to make it all the more interactive and engaging. Following are some points which might help you play the game, Mount and Blade Warband more efficiently. here you will learn Tips to Play Mount & Blade Warband Efficiently.

1. Gender Selection:

Do not think long and hard about gender. Choosing a gender is just a starting step. Selecting each gender gives you some specific attributes and both have their own pros and cons. Also, the rumour that females level up faster than males is false. Next is choosing, some preferences which will decide what your background will be. Choose wisely because these questions determine your starting skill set, your equipment and your attribute along with how proficient you are with those.

2. Skill Points:

A very important step is choosing where to put your points. While selecting attributes go for Strength and Charisma. For skills, you must have Ironflesh, Power Strike, Power Throw and Power Draw. There are also other skills like Shield, Horse Archery and Leadership which you can take in place of other. But always use your points wisely. Also never choose skills you would need in a companion like Path Finding, Surgery, Tracking, Engineer etc. There also some skills that you can select which might give provide you with abilities but limit your function in every situation. These are situational skills which are not multi-purpose like Athletics, Inventory and Trade.

3. Weapon Selection:

The next step is what type of weapon you should choose. It is a critical decision because this weapon will be the only one for a while. You can go with a single-handed weapon which is easy and effective or a two-handed weapon which is not good for blocking but is really good for powerful. You can go for archery, but it is not recommended since at the initial level it is not damaging and it is hard to aim it. But as you improve your skills you get better and it can be a very handy piece of weapon.

Apart from these weapons throw weapons are also useful in the particular form of combats. Players can also use Mount and Blade Warband cheats to select weapons from the game terminal. It has very little ammo and very hard to master so choose carefully. Once you are done with the weapon, it is the time to choose which kingdom you start in. Now you can choose any kingdom now since you are allowed to move freely but choosing territory will decide which type of bandits you face.

4. Building A Tribe:

Once you start the conquest, you begin alone but you need to build your own tribe. Initially, you people might not be willing to join your Troop. This happens and sometimes people spend a lot of time in that. But what you have to do is first earn their respect. You can start by doing chores for the prospective volunteers. While you are doing all this, do not stop your recruitment.

Keep visiting villages and soon some idiots might join you. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep your troops fed, and also have a diversity of food. Which brings the next question. How? Since you do not have a lot of money, you need to sell loot or fight. Other ways to make more dough is Slave Trade. For this, you have to knock someone out and sell him to a Ransom Broker. You can put points in Prisoner Management too. Since you have with you all the enemies you captured you can sell them. Keep remembering how points can help you. There are a lot of things that you can do for money like raiding villages or completing quests and competing in tournaments.

5. Companions:

Companions are a very important part of the game. They are non-player characters and who can be found in taverns of various cities. These companions bring a host of skills and expertise with them. Some companions demand an upfront charge to alight with you. Tips to Play Mount & Blade Warband Efficiently Know which skill you have and which skills of a companion will complement the entire strength of the group.

While selecting companions, you have to know which companions like each other and which do not. But after all this, you come to a point where the entire troop of yours has to join a faction. You have the knowledge you need to join, so choose wisely.
These tips will help you make better decisions and help you accede in the game. But all throughout you need to make sure that the decision that you are making are aligned with the goal that you have in mind.

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