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Best Photo Editing Software Android

hey guys today I gonna show you best photo editing software. Android mobiles is a tremendous platform have heap of cool feature if you’re passionate about photography and shot photos when recognize you’ll be able to additionally shot from your Android mobile’s that have recognized nice camera quality thus you’ll be able to shot clear photos anytime any wherever. today’s android phone’s have heap of functions and lots of cool apps their square measure is photo editing software for free and a few of them are paid however I gonna show you totally Best Photo Editing Software Android. once you search play store you may get several choices of picture editing software package and a few of them have limitations like adds or have to be compelled to buy. however don’t fret here is photo software package for complimentary and straightforward to use.

Best Photo Editing Software Android


1. TouchRetouch Free:

This is the one of best and my favorite During those times when you need to erase unwanted elements on photos, this app comes in handy. You can make an entire beach filled with people look like there’s no one around! The free app has limited features but still lets you do what needs to be done – making photos more perfect.

TouchRetouch Free on Google Play


2. AfterFocus :

After focus is the app that makes your picture high quality and take you to the next level of photo editing with this you can create DSLR-is photo with this software and make your picture look professional look Apply Focus on the object that needs focusing and set Mid and BG focus on the background for depth. Once you get the hang of it, you can create stunning photos that seem as if they were taken with a professional Camera

AfterFocus for Android on Google Play

3. Photo Funia :

This is a website named as that have lot of cool feature you just need to select your photo and then everything will happen in just a minute and your photo is ready with completely new look and with celerity. and this software had lot of cool feature you can try this in your android mobile and There are loads of templates to choose from, all stored in the cloud so it doesn’t take any space on your phone, so an internet connection is required to use the effects.

Download PhotoFunia

4. Pixlr-o-music :

If you think Little Photo had great filters, this is even better as it offers dozens of options. Filters are arranged based on three categories – photo filters, light filters, and photo frames. The only drawback is that you are limited to using one filter at a time for each category. If you wish to apply multiple filters, you would have to save an edited photo and load it again. All this trouble is worth the hassle though because Pixlr-o-Matic has no ads whatsoever.

Get Pixlr-o-Matic from Google Play

5. Little Photo:

One of our favorites, Little Photo is mostly a photo filtering app with a few basic features like adding frames and rotating pictures. You can adjust the intensity of these filters to suit your taste. It is much easier to use than PicSay but has a few advanced features like multi-exposure, burn spot and body glow.

Install Little Photo via Google Play


so here is all about Best Photo Editing Software Android these all the fully free and without any ads or any limitations free of coast photo editing software that can be used in any android mobile phone you just need to click on the link give below  of every part and download which one you like to download and enjoy photo editing from your mobile phone.

if you have any queries comment down I will help you out Happy TO Help 🙂

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  1. Hi Prince,

    I only used AfterFocus and that also for very short period but yes I liked this tool as it is having large number of options available and I think it is one of the best Photo editing software.

    Siddhartha Siinha


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