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How To Root Any Android Phone – Without Pc

Rooting any Android phone is always a pain. Got so many questions posted on Facebook and on comments how to root Android devices without PC easily.

In the Android market, there are thousand of thousand mobile phones which can be rooted with or without the computer. so you have to find your own way to root your Android device.

Rooting your device is always easy if you have unlocked the bootloader. Flash TWRP recovery for your device and rooting kit to flash that’s all your rooted. Here in this post,
I am going to give you the steps that you have to follow to root your Android device safely with or without the computer.

How To Root Any Android Phone – Without Pc


  • Rooting your device will not void your device warranty.
  • It’s always better to backup your device before rooting.
  • You can unroot your device anytime by clicking on unrooting from your rooting app.

1. Root using KINGO ROOT app:

Kingo Root is one of the best one click root app that supports most of the Android device running on any SOC or any android version.
This app can root Samsung, Micromax, Xioami, Motorola, Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo, and all other Android devices.
Success Rate: 92-98%

  1. Download KingoRoot from the official site.
  2. Click on install If seeing “Install Blocked” prompt, you should Click “Settings” and check “Unknown Sources” in “Security” section.
    (Google may ask you this app is not safe for device click on install anyway.)
  3. This is safe don’t worry go ahead and install it.
  4. Open The app from app drawer and you will see
  5. Just press One Click Root and wait for some time.
  6. Boom your Android phone is now root successfully.

This app works with almost 80 to 90% of Android mobile in the world try with your mobile and let us know if it works for you or not in the comments below.

2. Framaroot:

This another app that supports one click root in any Android phone that is running on KitKat and Android version before.
This app support all the mobile phones that are still running on KitKat or older version of Android.
Success Rate: 95-99%

    1. Download Framaroot from XDA Forum.
    2. You can check for your device compatibility in this list.
    3. Download and install if it asks for unknown sources click ok to install.
    4. Open the app and click on root and let it complete the process.
    5. your mobile is now root check for super su app.

This app works without any error in all KitKat running devices.

3. Towelroot:

This app works without any error in Lollipop devices and lets you root your device with one click without computer or PC.

Success Rate: 95-99%

  1. Download Towelroot from an official site.
  2. Install this app it may ask you for unknown sources just click ok and let it install.
  3. Click on root and wait for the process.
  4. Boom your device is root and look for super su app to proceed.

This tiny app is working fine with all the lollipop devices on this earth.

Try these top 3 apps that claim to root any Android device with one click and without PC.
I hope this tutorial help you to root your mobile phone without any problem.

Let us know in comments below which app works for you. or if there is any problem.

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  1. I can’t root my intex aqua power. by vroot., iroot, framaroot or any other root tools… can you help me solving this problem without pc.

  2. Its not that much easy , many app allow user to hide apps in there phone by allowing them to root there phones , but its realy very confusing how to root as we feel that we may lose all phone data .

  3. i handle intex aqua superb android jelly bean v4.1.2 . i cant find any root method for this phone .plzzzzz help

  4. please provide me root file of intex aqua 3.2 …. and also suggest me a way to root it .. i have tried many types of methods but was unable to do so ..!!!!

  5. hii prince paji…..
    I want to root my samsung galaxy tab 8.9″
    Can it be rooted….if yes….then plz tell me the procedure…
    And can you also tell me the sideeffects of rooting my android tablet…..
    Thank u. And . Satshriakal….

  6. brother I want to xperia neo l can u tell me how can I root this phone and can u tell me the link of rooted file matched with my phone

  7. Pls help me, i want to root my intex aqua 3.2, i tryd to root with sveral software that is Z4root, superoneclick, Universalroot but not success.. so pls help me to get the best sofware tk root my phone.

  8. hi dude
    I have micromax a 35 bolt …please send me root file for this phone ..super one click is not working …

  9. Hi prince
    How to root my phone
    Intex aqua active
    Android version:2.3.5
    Software version:intex_aqua_active_v009_indian

  10. hey buddy plz give a link of root file of intex aqua marvel i have searched a lot but didn’t get the file so please help………

  11. Hi Prince!

    How to root my phone:

    LG Optimus Extreme

    Model number: LG-L40G

    Android version: 4.0.3


    Baseband version: MSM7225A-1-AA

  12. hey dude, I am using Videocon A22 running on v2.3.7 gingerbread.

    I would like to root the device but there are a few hurdles:

    i. the developer mode opens, but the selection cursor in the mode is based on motion sensor rather than the up-down volume keys making it very very difficult to navigate.

    ii. As the phone model is very rare, i could not find the root software.

    Thank you in Advance, Keep up the Goog Work !!!

  13. my mobile model is samsung gt-b5512
    i need to root my phone coz it has very less internal storage and very less ram capacity

  14. my mobile model is samsung gt-b5512
    i need to root my phone coz it has very less internal storage and very less ram capacity

  15. dude I searched whole Google but dint get a root file for my phone’s model is Huawei U8180 Ideos X1.. I need to root my phone because the ram n CPU is extremely low so to overclock my phone I need to root..n I’ve tried all other methods like z4 root n etc etc bt nothing works… n my android version is 2.2 froyo..

  16. Hello Bro..

    How To Root My Phone..

    Galaxy s2

    Model GT-I9100G

    Baseband Version -: I9100GDDLP7

    Android Version :- 4.0.4

    Bro Puraa Google Pr Dhunda Liya .Lakin Nhi Milaa


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