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How to Edit PDF Using Wondershare PDFelement

Things are getting easier these days, thanks to innovation and technology. An era that has improved immensely is the way document sharing and editing is being done with the emergence of PDF style format. Even though there may be some free PDF text editors, it is important to note that security of your document should be a top priority and that is why you should patronise highly rated PDF editors.

The capability of the PDFelement has never been in doubt since its creation. It is an ultimate PDF toolbox with the major features such as Edit, Convert, Create, Form, OCR, etc. This means that you can edit text, images and pages of your PDF, convert PDF files to and from other formats, create and fill out electronic PDF forms and much more. Another very important feature you must know about the PDFelement is that it possess an industry standard OCR capability which makes it possible for image based PDF documents (for example, scanned PDF documents) to be converted to an editable PDF format. In fact, the PDFelement gives you a total control of your PDF document.

How to Edit PDF Using Wondershare PDFelement

Edit PDF Using Wondershare PDFelementIt is impossible to talk about how good PDF is without looking at the fantastic edit function at its disposal. This is because most other editors did not get to the PDF standard and this is another reason why PDFelement has become the choice for professionals. Let us briefly look at the Edit function highlights

There are two edit modes (Line and Paragraph). You can select any of them as a bounding box in order to edit lines of text, a single word or even a whole paragraph. This is amazing, and unfortunately, most other editors do not have this capability.

Edit PDF Using Wondershare PDFelementThen during editing, the font added to the new text will match with the original wording automatically and what this does is to let text flow into adjacent lines naturally. To crown it all, after editing, there will be a uniform look of the document formatting making the whole process very professional in outlook.

Edit PDF Using Wondershare PDFelementWho Can Use PDFelement

Anybody can use the PDFelement as long as you are on Windows, Mac and iOS platform. Professionals who are always on the move will find the iOS version more attractive as it enables them to make edits to their PDF form just anywhere and anytime. Fortunately, PDFelement now has a new release which is the V5.12 for Windows and V5.7.0 for Mac. These new versions have made the PDFelement even better by fixing some of the bugs in previous versions and enhancing user’s experience. For example, smart spell check to guarantee your edit smoothly and precisely; Support automatically retaining the pre-defined

attributes of underlined and strikethrough text; When editing text, resizing the text box won’t change the scale of text now.


It is all good with the PDFelement, and it keeps getting better with the newly released versions. Professionals can now heave a sigh of relief as the much expensive Adobe can now be comfortably replaced with the efficient and cheaper PDFelement.

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