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What is Online OCR Tools – How It work

Now, the postal system is slowly disappearing. Because all trades, business, transactions, and reports are now done on the internet. No one has the time in this era to go to post office for mailing a document. So, all the documents are now shared on the internet and here you can use Online OCR Tools for ease.

What is Online OCR Tools – How It work

Laborious Process of Data Entry

But there are some documents that are mailed to you, and you should send them electronically. So, it’s a laborious task to type that text on a computer. The company should hire a data entry specialist for that job which increases the expenses.

Saving as much money and cutting business expenses as much as possible is the best way to increase your business earnings which are the only way to grow your business further. And data entry specialist took a lot of time to type the hard copy of a document on a computer.

There was a limit of data entry task per day, and one must pay them extra for any additional work they are assigned. This further increased your business expenses and decreased the efficiency of your business which is directly proportional to your business earnings. Hence one can only do a limited task of data entry at a time.

Miracles of computer

Computer brought many wonders with it. It was made to compute long equations and automate every laborious task. It further automated many business processes. Similarly, this challenging and arduous task of data entry were automated by computer.

Development of OCR

Now there is a software which can just scan a document through a scanner and then convert it into an editable text that can be edited and used for required purpose. This software is called OCR. It is an acronym of Optical Character Recognition.

This software scans a document, and through its very smart algorithm converts the text into a machine-readable and editable format. This is a first step towards the automation of data entry industry.

This software uses a mixture of algorithmic techniques from machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and pattern recognition. Latest versions of this software make 100% copy of a scanned document. They correctly make same spaces, columns, rows and further take care of other minute things.

Other uses of OCR

OCR is not just used for automating data entry tasks. This technology has much more to offer. OCR is now seen in every industry. In big markets, OCR is there for reading the bar code on a product, at airports OCR technology is there to know your passport number and cross match it with database, converting handwritten books into an ebook than can be published on Google Docs, for extracting the information from business cards to enter them in your contact directory and much more. There are many versions of OCR tools available there.

Origin of OCR

OCR traces its advent back to the telegraph when a device was invented to be used for visually impaired people. The device scanned a book and produced the corresponding tones for the alphabets and words which it read. Online OCR Tools But the problem was there for every time the new word is to be added. But now the new systems are capable of automatically incorporating these new words in their directory through the internet. Hence like every field computer has automated the field of data entry, data reading, and cross matching. All the process is now automated and has become comfortable. Thanks to the developers of OCR Tools technology.

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