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How To Remove Write Protection From USB

How To Remove Write Protection From USB, Memory Card, SD Card, or any memory. We’ll sometimes we tend to get some problems with our memory devices like your disc is malfunctioned or your device is write protected or you cannot format your drive is write protected and some other kind of error which harm your memory.

Recently I faced this error when I attach my Pendrive to the computer and it shows you cannot format disc id write protected So I found some working solution to solve this error here is all the working method that can help to remove the write protection from SD, Memory Card, SD Card, or any memory.

How To Remove Write Protection From USB

#1 Remove write protection with prompt command DiskPart 

  1. Open administrative Command Prompt
  2. Type give commands one by one.diskpartlist disk

    select disk #
    (# is the number of USB drive with which you’re getting error and is plugged in)attributes disk clear readonly How To Remove Write Protection From USB
  3.  This will make your disk readable by computer.

Now finally close the command prompt and try to format your disc it will solve the write protection error.

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#2 Remove write protection with Windows  Registry Editor.

  1. Press Windows+R Type Regedit In Run box.
  2. A new window will open Navigate here
  3. In a left panel of this windows right-click and New Key.
  4. Name it as StorageDevicePolicies. 
  5. Now right-click and select new DWORD Value.
  6.  Name it as WriteProctect.
  7. Set the value to .0 
  8. Base will be Hexadecimal.

Now that’s all go back to windows and check the issue is solved or not try to format your removable disc.

#3 Fix removable disc write protection issue with USB Formatting Utility

  1.  Apacer USB3.0 Repair Tool or Kingston Format Utility
  2. This is a simple formating tool get it from google.
  3. Plug and play software only have options to format device and recover device.
  4. Simple click on format and get your removable device back to work.

These both software works like a charm, no need to play with registries or command prompt just install and format your device to get your back to work. If lost any data from your removable disc you can restore with ease follow the link How to Recover Deleted Files from Android.

Have some questions in your mind comment down to get instant help.

Happy to help 🙂

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