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Upgrade Any Phone to Lollipop

Upgrade Any Phone to Lollipop the question in the mind of every Android user nowadays Lollipop is the latest release from android with lots of new features and all new appearance and fell with improved battery backup and more features. But today we are going to talk about how to get Lollipop update on your existing phone to taste lollipop. Many people ask questions like should I update to a lollipop or not, but I always suggest go for the lollipop and feel the difference. if you have the latest mobile and your mobile company gonna give Lollipop update in future OTA then this is good news for you but for those whose mobile company not gonna gave lollipop update they can also upgrade to android lollipop manually if someone made a Lollipop ROM for your mobile or you can also use some lollipop launcher to feel the lollipop.

You can found so many android lollipop phones to take a look at how it looks and you can also watch YouTube videos and if you talk about Android 5.0 Lollipop reviews, people found this is the best android feel with lots of features. If you have mobile that cannot be upgraded to lollipop and you want to update then you have to find Lollipop ROM for your mobile and update it manually and this is what I am going to show you how you can Upgrade Any Phone to Lollipop.

Upgrade Any Phone to Lollipop

There is one simple method instead of messing with your Android phone and have bricked phone you can always use lollipop launchers to get lollipop appearance and feel. The lollipop launcher I found in play store is Nova launcher with lot’s of customization features and make your phone totally look like lollipop phone or if you want to update your phone entirely to lollipop you have to mess around google and find lollipop ROM that matched your Android phone. Strictly follow the steps to Upgrade Any Phone to Lollipop.

Important Aspects To Know

  • Users must have a proper backup of your data, apps, and settings.
  • Ensure that the device is fully charged.
  • USB Debugging must be enabled.
  • Have a rooted phone if you don’t want to mess around PC and get bricked phone.
  • Custom recovery installed.


  1. At least  Have 1 Gb Ram Mobile phone.
  2. Al-Least Have Quad Core Mobile Phone.
  3. With Fast GPU.
  4. And Of-cause An Android Phone ?

How to Find Lollipop ROM for your Android phone 

  1. You have to find Lollipop ROM for your Android phone in Google or XDA.com
  2. You have any company phone like I have Xolo 8×1000 hive so I can search for Xolo 8×1000 lollipop ROM in google it will give result so I have to find matched Rom.
  3. You can go to XDA.com and find for your mobile model to get Lollipop ROM for your mobile.
  4. Better look for flashable zip through custom recovery if you don’t want to mess around PC.
  5. Now if you found Lollipop ROM for your mobile so let’s get ready to install on your phone.

How to install lollipop ROM in your mobile 

  1. If you found flashable zip through custom recovery, then this is very easy to install lollipop ROM in your mobile.
  2. You must need to have rooted phone follow the link to root you mobile How To Root Android Without Computer.
  3. You have to read from where you download your ROM that it can be flash from system recovery or custom recovery if need custom recovery you have to find again in xda or you can also found in downloaded zip.
  4. Now restart your phone to recovery and find that lollipop zip for your mobile and click on it let it complete and finally you installed lollipop in your phone 🙂
  5. If you have to use PC, you must follow the given steps with that ROM how to flash in your phone if you don’t want to be bricked phone.
  6. PC process is also easy you can find everything you need for your phone in the downloaded zip to install lollipop ROM on your phone just follow the steps and get lollipop installed in your phone.

That’s all folks you can Upgrade Any Phone to Lollipop with little tweaks and strictly follow the steps otherwise you can brick your phone.
If you find any problem with finding lollipop ROM or you cannot understand the process how to flash comment below to get instant help from BeingTricky.



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