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11 Cool New Whatsapp Tricks You Should Try

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used messaging apps today you can send the message to anyone in the world for free, And most probably your also using this app cause there is no surprise this is the most used app on the planet let’s talk about WhatsApp tricks today.

You might be an average WhatsApp user, and chances are you’re not aware of cool features hidden in the WhatsApp, and this is what I am here you tell you 11 Cool New Whatsapp Tricks You Should Try.

Well, Whatsapp is updating it’s feature nowadays very fast they are adding some additional features that make our WhatsApp life easier, and we could do more with it.
There are so many features that you might now but here today I am only going to talk about all new features that you might probably don’t know So let’s get started.

10 Cool New Whatsapp Tricks You Should Try

#1 Change Font Style

Well, you might have heard about this before that now you can also change font style in your WhatsApp there is a lot of fonts from which you can choose, All you need to do is install a keyboard app

Android | IOS. Apple Choose from more than 70+ fonts and send a message to anyone in the world, and they don’t even need to install the same app to see the fonts this is one of the best Whatsapp tricks that I like.

Whatsapp fonts

#2 Text Formatting

Maybe someone has sent you a message with text formatting, and you’re wondering how did they do it.

Next thing you are about to learn here you can send them a message with some text formatting, but there are only three options available from which you can choose one. You can send them Bold Italic and strikethrough  Ex has given in the image below can be used in both IOS and Android.

Whatsapp formatting

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#3 Whatsapp on PC or Laptop

Something that people ask me more often that how can they use WhatsApp on PC or laptop without any software or app, so there is an official way to use WhatsApp on the desktop.
Recently WhatsApp launches their web app so you can use it on any browser in PC or laptop all you need to do go to https://web.whatsapp.com/
and it can ask you for scan QR code all you need to do it open Whatsapp>>Whatsapp web and now you can scan the code, and you’re ready to go, and it is safe to use if you’re not in the network it goes off automatically.

#4 Embed Previous Text in Reply 

Most probably many people don’t know. Now you can reply to a particular message in the group or chat with message embed in the response like in the Facebook.
All you need to do is a long press on any message and click on reply, and now you can see message embedded in the chat box, and you can reply to that particular message, and you can see the quoted text in the answer.

whatsapp messahe embed

#5 Hide Notification Previews

Sometimes this is annoying when someone has your mobile, and a WhatsApp message arrives, and they can read everything on screen or the lock screen, So if you’re worried about your personal messages and notification, there is an option that can turn off all your notifications from the WhatsApp itself.

iPhone go to Settings>> Notifications >> Show Previews turn this off.
For Android, there is no such option, but you can still hide your WhatsApp notifications Go to settings>> whatsapp>>notification and turn off everything.

#6 Check Delivery & Read Recipient 

Many people are not aware of this now you can also check when a person has message deliver to him in a group or chat and when he did read the message.

It is useful when you’re in group chat and you can surely check you is reading your current message and not replying to those bit Tricky.

Available on both IOS & Android but in a different way,
IOS all you need to do is a Right swipe on any message, and you can see all the details.
Android You have to long press on message and then click on info here are all the details about that message.Whatsapp read

#7 Front Cam Selfie With Flash

If you want to check this feature make sure you have updated WhatsApp on your phone cause this function is available on the latest version of WhatsApp.
You can click better selfies with WhatsApp now using WhatsApp camera.

Go to WhatsApp and Open camera from any contact now click on camera button and make sure your front cam flash is on and now click a picture.
You can see your phone’s display works as front flash and you get the real picture compare to the average camera selfie.

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#8 Edit Pictures Like Snapchat 

Make sure you’ve got updated version of WhatsApp to check this cool feature.
Now you can draw or add text and emoji to photos and videos you capture within WhatsApp. You can also pick a brush size or font style by dragging left on the colour selector
One of the coolest features of WhatsApp till this date makes sure you check this out.

#9 Archive or Hide any chat 

Maybe you are already aware of this feature but this is something that many people don’t know, and this comes in hidden features.
All you have to do is a long press on any chat and click on archive,

you can do the same with groups and list to archive or hide the chat.
If you want to re-hide or open that conversation, swipe down to the bottom of your chats, and here you can find a button to archived chat.

#10 Invite to the group via the link

Now you can invite any number to your group via the invitation link.
How can you make a group link?
All you have to do is go to your group and Go to>> Add member and click on invite via the link.
Now the link will be created in SEC and you can share to anyone and they can join your group.whatsapp-invite-gruop

#11 Starred messages

One more cool feature of WhatsApp you can star any important message and then check that later whenever you want, so you don’t have to scroll down and up to find that particular message.
It is useful when you’re on personal chats or the group all you have to do is a long press on any message and then clicks on star icon your message in now starred
If you want to check that message again anytime go to WhatsApp home screen click on three dots on the top and click on the starred message.

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Official Whatsapp Changelog.

• In groups, you can now mention specific people by typing the @ symbol.
• Group admins can now invite people to join a group by sharing a link. From group info, just tap Add participants > Invite to the group via the link.
• New emoji. And sending a single emoji will now appear larger in chats.
•You can now also send any document on WhatsApp like  PPT, PDF or any file.
• Play videos right away without waiting for them to download first. Videos will still be downloaded to your phone as the video is playing. (Android 4.1+ and only works with videos sent from the latest version of the Android app)
• Introducing WhatsApp video calling. With free video calls, you can have face-to-face chats with your friends and family around the world. Data charges may apply. (requires Android 4.1+)
• You can now send and receive animated GIFs

Stay tuned for more WhatsApp tricks and hacks this post can be edit in future and up-to-date when some new features of functions arrived in WhatsApp until Enjoy 10 Cool New Whatsapp Tricks You Should Try.

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